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The Hajduk Spirit

Depending on what end of the barrel you were standing a Hajduk meant many things.

An Outlaw to the Turks

a Brigand to the tax man

a Freedom Fighter to the oppressed

a Balkan Robin Hood to the poor. 

In essence a rebel with a cause.

That is the Hajduk Spirit!

Serbian Hajduk.jpeg

Hajduk Veljko (1780-1813)

The Hajduk pronounced Hai-dook were guerilla warriors who were active in the Balkans during the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian occupation of the local population. Their fierce spirit is the primary inspiration behind our distillery and ethos.

The Distillery is located on the outskirts of the town of Kraljevo, Central Serbia. Close to the historic Žiča monastery where 7 Serbian Kings of old were crowned.

We are focused on small batch releases with a focus on premium products made from the highest quality ingredients. We only use no artificial flavorings or coloring agents in producing our fine distillates. Our small batch releases are all individually hand bottled on-site at the distillery.

We use a custom made 300 liter Barbut all copper still with rectification column containing 18 bubble plates. The still was made in locally by a family run workshop dating back to 1937.

Every component of the still that comes into contact with the mash, vapors and final distillate is made of 99.9% pure copper. This impacts positively on the distillation process and final product due to the molecular interaction going on during distillation.

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