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Serbian Gin

What makes the Hajduk Spirit London Dry a Serbian Gin?

Unlike many other gins that include botanicals from all over the world the Hajduk Spirit London Dry Gin is made completely from botanicals found on the territory of Serbia. I purposefully omitted botanicals from far away lands so as to illustrate a unique flavor profile that best represents Serbia.

I couldn't consider it a Serbian Gin if there was cassia bark or orange peel in it.

A little known fact is that the Serbian mountains have one of Europe's best juniper growing in the wild. My gin is made using this hand picked wild juniper, the flavor of which is unmatched due to the climate conditions and altitude of the region where it grows.

Combined with the other botanicals and especially the Wild Serbian Bilberry the gin I present to you is truly an authentic Serbian local product.

The Hajduk

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