London Dry Gin

Bronze Medal Winner

International Wine & Spirits Competition London


The motivation to create the Hajduk Spirit London Dry Gin was to bring to life a gin that embodies the proud rebellious nature of the Serbian 19th Century freedom fighters know as Hajduks (Hai-dooks).

As they waged guerilla warfare from the mountains and forests against the Ottoman Empire they foraged and lived off the land.

A land rich in wild berries and herbs that have been used for centuries in
Serbian traditional medicine.

Wishing to create a unique flavour profile native to Serbia we drew inspiration from the very same botanicals to create the Hajduk Spirit London Dry Gin. Purposefully excluding botanicals not found in Serbia.


Hand labeled - Hand bottled - Hand numbered bottles - Small batches - Highest quality botanicals - Unique bottle top pourer


Wild Serbian Juniper - Coriander Seed - Angelika Root - Great Yellow Gentian

Wild Serbian Bilberry - Yarrow +2 Secret Botanicals

The Distillation

The botanicals are macerated for 24 hours prior to a 'One-Shot' distillation. Following this we cut the alcohol strength down to 44% with the purest water leaving it to 'settle' for 2 weeks before bottling.

Tasting Note: Herbal undertones with pronounced juniper flavour

700ml - 44% ABV



Starina Novak Aged Gin

Hajduk Spirit distillery brings you an aged version of our internationally recognized award winning Gin. Starina Novak or 'Old Novak' in translation is inspired by the famous 15th century Hajduk of the same name. Aged in Serbian Oak casks for at least 6 months the gin's flavor profile and aroma reaches new levels of complexity making it a phenomenal sipping gin.

This Gin is best suited for the serious connoisseur who has a developed palate.

Tasting Note: Spicy vanilla with a solid juniper base

700ml - 40% ABV