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Wild Serbian Juniper Berries

Serbia's First Premium Craft Gin

Hajduk Spirit London Dry Gin

Bronze Medal Winner

International Wine & Spirits Competition London

Highest Quality Botanicals

Wild Serbian Juniper

(Juniperi fructus)

The key ingredient that defines Gin.

Used as a diuretic, for various stomach ailments, inflammation & eczema.

Coriander Seed

(Coriandrum sativum L.)

The second most important ingredient in Gin.

Used to increase appetite, aid digestion and has antibacterial properties.

Angelika Root

(Angelica archangelica L.)

The staple ingredient of most traditional Gins.

Used to reduce fever, gastrointestinal bloating, fever & the relief of stomach cramping.

Great Yellow Gentian

(Gentiana lutea L.)

The most famous root used in Serbian traditional medicine. Its use dates back centuries. Used to increase appetite, for gallbladder & liver ailments.

Wild Serbian Bilberry

(Vaccinium myrtillus L.)

Also known as the European blueberry.

Used to increase immunity, as an antioxidant, for throat ailments & acts as a mild diuretic.


(Achillea millefolium L.)

Locally known as ‘Hajduk’s Grass’ is a herbal tea.

Used for relieving stomach aches, regulation of digestion & bile duct, lessening of period pain.

*Hajduk Spirit London Dry Gin also includes

2 Secret Ingredients
700ml Bottle - 44% ABV

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Hajduk Veljko (1780-1813)

The Hajduk Spirit

Depending on what end of the barrel you were standing a Hajduk meant many things.

An Outlaw to the Turks

a Brigand to the tax man

a Freedom Fighter to the oppressed

a Balkan Robin Hood to the poor. 

In essence a rebel with a cause.

That is the Hajduk Spirit!

Barbut Still

Our Barbut Copper Still

The Distillery

The Distilling is done slowly over 6 hours in our custom built 300 litre Barbut copper still

with only the finest cut above 80% abv being collected prior to cutting the spirit

with ultra pure water to drinking strength at 44% abv.
This is a distilled London Dry Gin at its finest.

Small Batch individually numbered and hand bottled on-site at the Hajduk Distillery.

The Distillery is located on the outskirts of the town of Kraljevo, Central Serbia.

Close to the historic Žiča monastery where 7 Serbian Kings of old were crowned.

It is focused on small batch releases with a focus on premium products made from the highest quality ingredients. The distillery is the first to release a premium craft Gin in the country.